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Council Minutes Tuesday 04 August 2014

    1. Meeting overview and key information


Joshua Hesketh, Christopher Neugebauer, Sae Ra Germaine, Kathy Reid, 
Josh Stewart


Hugh Blemings, Francois Marier

Meeting opened 1946hrs and quorum was achieved

      Key Stats

Not recorded this fortnight
ACTION: Kathy to record for next fortnight

      Review last minutes and move MOTION that they be accepted

MOTION that the minutes of 29  July  are correct and complete

MOVED by Joshua Hesketh

SECONDED Sae Ra Germaine

CARRIED with one abstention

    2. Log of correspondence

      Motions moved on list

Nil moved on list this fortnight

      General correspondence


    Received advice re: zookeepr.org domain name from past President,
    No further action required, domain has been renewed


    Received bid for LCA2017 from Hobart, led by CHRISTOPHER NEUGEBAUER
    Council thanks the Hobart team for their bid



    Received reworked budget from MAGDA KOSTREWA from DrupalCamp Sydney
    ACTION: To be reviewed and voted on on list


    Received LCA2015 July report from CHERIE ELLIS on behalf of LCA2015 team
    Council thanks Cherie and the LCA2015 team for the update


    Data mining previous LCA delegates discussion (from lca-ghosts list)
    Council discussed this issue, and the pros and cons of whether
    direct marketing to previous LCA attendees is appropriate. The
    initial request was for data mining to identify key trends, and the
    later discussion was around the possibility of direct marketing.

    MOTION by Kathy Reid that Linux Australia declines at this point in
    time to use previously collected data for direct marketing purposes.
    SECONDED Sae Ra Germaine
    CARRIED with one abstention


    Support request from HELEN (surname omitted for privacy) re
    pre-loaded Linux laptops
    No further action required

    3. Review of action items from previous meetings


    Discussion of YouTube assets raised by KATHY REID based on
    discussions with TIM ANSELL
    ACTION: Josh Stewart to work through with Tim Ansell in due course


    Mailing list policy
    ACTION: all to read through for further discussion next meeting


    ACTION: Joshua Hesketh to amend Subcommittee records appropriately
    (for new subcommittees)


    ACTION: Josh to arrange signing of license and close loop with SHANE
    COUGHLAN (re: open invention network)
    In progress, can be removed next minutes


    ACTION: brand/logo policy needs to go on backburner


    ACTION: Joshua to follow up with LUV
    ACTION: Joshua to email LUV publicly thanking them for their efforts
    in running the event
    Complete, can be removed next minutes


    ACTION: We need to set up a VM to enable continuous delivery for
    ACTION: Francois to chat to the LCA2015 team to identify what the
    private git repositories are being used for. James Iseppi and Joshua
    Hesketh are also key contacts in this space.

    4. Items for discussion


        LCA2015 update
        Update received with thanks, tracking really well.
        Papers currently being reviewed.


        LCA2016 update
        In progress


        LCA2017 update
        One bid received


        PyCon AU update
        Likely to return a profit


        Drupal South
        Joshua to reach out to organisers


        Drupal Gov
        Joshua to reach out to organisers


        JoomlaDay Sydney
        In progress


        Budget to be reviewed


        Bank accounts set up
        ACTION: Kathy to pass on Westpac passwords when they arrive

    5. Items for noting

    6. Other business

      Software freedom day

We are about 6 weeks' away from Software Freedom Day - are there any 
updates or support we need to provide?
No requests for support received. Council noted we are willing to assist 
where we can if requested or approached.

Congratulations to GovHack on excellent event
ACTION: Kathy to formally correspond with GovHack

      Council succession planning

General discussion around documenting roles in preparation for Council 
elections in December to encourage lots of people to nominate.
ACTION: Kathy to send around documentation for her role
Link is at: 

CHRIS NEUGEBAUER kindly left the meeting at 2013hrs to allow Council to 
discuss Hobart LCA2017 bid in camera.

    7. In camera

5 items were discussed in camera

Meeting closed 2033hrs

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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