[Linux-aus] Hobart bid for linux.conf.au 2017

Christopher Neugebauer chair at hobart.lca2017.org
Wed Aug 6 17:15:26 EST 2014

To the membership and council of Linux Australia,

It's a great privilege to present Hobart's bid to hold linux.conf.au 2017.

By the time 2017 comes around, it will have been eight years since
Hobart hosted one of the world’s best Free and Open Source Software
conferences, but in that time, this city has undergone a massive
change in character, and has found its own identity.

We're looking forward to presenting a conference that showcases the
best that Tasmania has to offer: we've lined up inspiring venues for
each of our conference social events, taking advantage of Hobart's
unique colonial heritage, and our breathtaking location, wedged
between the River Derwent on one side, and Mount Wellington on the

Linux.conf.au is a perfect opportunity to foster links between
Hobart's growing tech community with the global Free and Open Source
Software community. Hobart's entire technical community is behind this
bid: we have gained the support of local user groups, student
societies, industry peak bodies, and tech meetups. Each of these
groups is excited by the prospect of introducing their members to the
linux.conf.au community, and helping every linux.conf.au attendee
discover what the Tasmanian community can offer.

For those of you who are interested in the specifics of our bid --
who's involved, which venues we have pencilled in, who has pledged
support, and other details, you can view our comprehensive bid
documentation, available from

We appreciate all suggestions and feedback for our bid. Our bid team
can be reached at team at hobart.lca2017.org

We're very excited about the prospect of bringing linux.conf.au back
to Tasmania for the first time. We hope you're just as excited about
visiting here in 2017.

--Christopher Neugebauer
Chair, linux.conf.au 2017 Hobart bid
on behalf of Craige McWhirter, Michael Cordover, Matthew D'Orazio, and
the LCA2017 Hobart Bid Team

--Christopher Neugebauer
Hobart Bid Chair for linux.conf.au 2017

Jabber: chrisjrn at gmail.com -- IRC: chrisjrn on irc.freenode.net --
WWW: http://chris.neugebauer.id.au -- Twitter: @chrisjrn

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