[Linux-aus] [Announce] LCA2017, formal call for bids

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Sat Aug 2 15:01:59 EST 2014

> > Not curious at all.  Would have been stuck in a moderation queue.
> > Easy human error to make, and this is far from the only mailing
> > list that this happens to.
> >
> > Nothing to see here, move along.
> A simple explanation would have sufficed.
> There is no need for the expressed condescension, and, I find the 
> attitude "Nothing in this orgamnisation, is to be questioned", a
> matter for concern.

"Nothing to see here, move along" is a phrase widely used to pretend to
cover up something mildly embarrassing, in this case the list
moderators not realising that there was a message waiting in the
queue.  Definitely no cause for concern, and a mistake I have made
myself many times!


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