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Adam Malone adam at adammalone.net
Tue Apr 22 12:54:39 EST 2014

*Proposal to Linux Australia to support DrupalGov Canberra as a

*Proposed activity*
The DrupalGov sub­committee will be formed for the express purpose of
organising a conference for users of Drupal in the public sector, to be run
in Canberra in 2014.

*Target attendance*: 150 - 180 people.
*Tracks*: 2­/3, depending on venue/speakers
*Suggested date*: 22nd August 2014

A day ­long summit on Drupal in the public sector in Australia, including
universities and other quasi­government & non-­government organisations.

*About the event*
Drupal is strengthening its position as the defacto standard for CMS
implementations in the public sector. Roughly three­ quarters of major
Australian Government agencies use Drupal in some capacity, many as their
primary CMS. Drupal has seen exceptionally strong growth in this sector in
the past four years. After the success of DrupalGov Canberra 2013, we
believe that another opportunity to bring people together in a public forum
will further enhance the spread of Drupal.

DrupalGov is a single­ day conference focusing on Drupal in the public
sector. It will feature two/three tracks, one for managers/key decision
makers, another for technical discussions and a further track for case
studies if numbers permit.

With suitable lead time and the current level of interest in Drupal both in
the public sector and in Australia generally, we believe we could possibly
get between 150 and 180 attendees.

For a venue, we would like to secure the National Museum of Australia; a
relatively inexpensive yet well equipped conference venue, (close to
accommodation for interstate travellers) by the Lake Burley Griffin.

There will be an open call for session proposals prior to the event, with
applicable sessions selected based on their fit for the subject material
and track.

*Office holders*
The proposed office holders for the subcommittee are:

*Chair* (and primary contact)
Adam Malone
0468 392 326
adam at adammalone.net

Josh Li
0430 365 015
josh.li at datacom.com.au

Other volunteers and assistance will be drawn from the DrupalACT and wider
Drupal community in Australia/New Zealand.

DrupalACT is an informal Drupal user group in Canberra. It has active
attendance at events in 2012­2014, and an informal working committee of
about a dozen individuals. The website is at http://drupalact.org.au.

This proposal is to form a LA subcommittee for DrupalGov 2014 only, not for
DrupalACT as a whole.

Adam Malone
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