[Linux-aus] Linux != Poltics

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Sun Apr 20 23:33:32 EST 2014

On Sun, 20 Apr 2014 20:49:31 Mark Ellem wrote:
> Agreed. It's not helpful to our community and the wider public to have long
> threads where it has simply devolves into petty arguing between posters.

Firstly LUV is NOT a sub-committee of Linux Australia (we had a vote on this 
matter).  So this isn't a matter for Linux Australia.  I was in favor of 
making LUV a sub-committee of LA and I was also in favor of using the LA list 
server for the LUV lists.  My side lost the vote on both those issues.

So anyone who has issues with the LUV lists can take them up with the LUV 

In regard to long threads, that has more to do with the people involved than 
discussing technology vs politics.  In LUV history consider discussions of the 
merits of SCSI vs IDE.  That became a discussion of SATA vs SAS - technology 
changed but the debate didn't.

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