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Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
Thu Sep 19 20:37:53 EST 2013

Hello Andrew,

My apologies for the slow process around this. We are happy to let you
know that we have approved of the grant request :-)

We'll contact you to arrange the details so hopefully we'll get Elena
booked and over to the conference.


On 22/08/13 14:25, Andrew Donnellan wrote:
> DATE: 2013-08-20
> PROJECT NAME: CompCon 2013
> AIM OF PROJECT: CompCon 2013 will be the inaugural national conference
> for students of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information
> Technology and related technology disciplines. CompCon aims to build
> links between computing students nationwide and give them educational
> experiences that fall outside the standard curriculum.
> It is not specifically focussed on Free Software/Open Source, but it
> will feature a number of presentations on open source.
> CompCon 2013 is being held at the Australian National University from
> 28-30 September 2013. More information is available at
> http://compcon.net.au.
> PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR REQUEST: Andrew Donnellan, sponsorship at compcon.net.au
> * Travel Expenses - Elena Williams - $800
> BIOGRAPHY: "Elena Williams is a python/django web developer now working
> in Perth. She graduated from Master ITS program from CECS ANU in 2012.
> She's taught Django/Python, been involved with the Django, Python and
> Linux communities around Australia and organised the Python user group
> in Canberra whilst studying at ANU. She presented about open source
> participation at PyConAU 2012. She is also enthusiastic about teaching
> programming to non-programmers, kitesurfing, snowboarding, endurance
> navigation sports; is an active hacker/maker and was only called a
> Douglas Adams “tragic” by the Canberra Times once." (Elena was also
> involved with the organisation of LCA2013.)
> Elena will be presenting on "Hitchhikers Guide to Participating in Free
> and Open Source Software Development".
> "There is only one serious course about Free and Open Source Software
> Development delivered in Australia annually, the postgraduate level
> COMP8440 at ANU. Moreover the course is delivered by Andrew "Tridge"
> Tridgell who authored the seminal open source projects samba and the
> rsync algorithm. During this course he discusses his wealth of
> experience and trains then assesses students on contributing to the open
> source community.
> This talk will be conveying as much of this week-long course as is
> possible in the time available, as seen through the eyes of a graduating
> student who was always keen about open source yet who hadn't made their
> first pull-requests until during this course. Now, more than a year
> later, the presenter is actively involved in several open source
> projects and will be talking about some of the characteristics of the
> open source community today and describing in specific detail about how
> to become involved. The presenter will discuss the highs, the lows, the
> awkwardness and unique sense of connection and achievement that can only
> be fulfilled by contributing to open source."
> We believe Elena provides a unique perspective on contributing to open
> source that is relevant to our target audience of university students -
> she understands some of the specific challenges faced by new
> contributors who have no idea what they're doing! Our hope is that this
> talk will encourage more students to get involved in the Australian open
> source community.
> Elena requires funds to cover her travel expenses from Perth to
> Canberra, which is estimated at $800 - covering flights only without
> accommodation. CompCon Inc is unable to cover the entire cost, although
> it may be able to cover part of the cost.
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