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social facet

human services planning

Basically what they did is go through each service you need and think about
what size the service needed to be and how many people that would serve and
then spaced the services according to the population they could serve. This
included things like parks, schools, childcare centres, libraries etc.

strategic plan for a community

Another project at the same time looked at different aspects of life in a
They surveyed the community about what was needed.
They broke the responses into themes. eg employment, health, image of the
area, safety, environment, there were 10 themes that were chosen.
Then the project had a team made up of people who worked in each theme area.
Then the person for that theme negotiated for tangible measurable outcomes
to address that need with the agencies and parties who were
related/responsible for those areas.
The government agencies, businesses and parties agreed to the outcomes and
they were included in the report.
It was laid out like a table with the theme as a section. a table for a
need. each row of the table had an action and outcome listed with parties
who would work on it..
The report was published so that pages could be removed as they needed to
be updated.
The whole thing was the strategic plan for the area.
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