[Linux-aus] LCA2014 Registrations now open!

Joshua Hesketh josh at opentechnologysolutions.com.au
Fri Sep 6 09:58:38 EST 2013

On behalf of the /*linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au/> 2014*/ team we
are pleased to announce that we have now started accepting early bird

According to Luke John, organising director, "The start of registration
represents the culmination of a lot of groundwork in planning for the
conference and it's a real milestone to be at this point in the
process", "While there's still a lot to do, it's really starting to take
shape now, and I'm quietly confident that we've got a great line up of
speakers and topics and we are looking forward to an awesome conference".

Paul Del Fante also chipped in to offer encouragement for those of you
who may feel a bit daunted by the distances. "It's Perth, it's Summer,
we've got a fantastic Linux conference on, warm beaches, balmy evenings,
city life, so come on over and share in our hospitality".

The /*linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au/> 2014*/ early bird
registrations will be open till 2013/10/13, but are for a limited number
of places and may close earlier before we move on to the formal
registration period, and we'd please ask anyone who registers during
this time to keep an eye out for any minor issues or inconsistencies you
come across.

The /*linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au/> 2014*/ Organising Team.


#lca14<mailto:luke.john at osmahi.com>

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