[Linux-aus] Programs for education

Kim Hawtin kim at hawtin.net.au
Thu Oct 31 14:01:32 EST 2013

Hi Jackson,

On 31/10/13 13:07, Jackson Doak wrote:
> You have got teens joining FLOSS projects,but possibly not enough,

Quite right, I've met a few over the years, on net and IRL at LinuxConf.
They've done good work and inspired me to work on various projects =)

> although that could be since school takes up a fair bit of time.

That is a good point, honestly one I hadn't thought about.

> That said, i've been a contributor to ubuntu for a year now (i'm 14), and i'm
> pretty sure i'm not the yougest from australia.

If I could be so bold, and ask you the same questions asked of me at 

What are you working on as a contributor? (roles, activities)

What started you on the path to contributing for ubuntu?

Where do you see this contribution taking you?
(specifically thinking about study and career options here.)

Did you have any mentors or role models?



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