[Linux-aus] Accessibility and conferences (Re: grr)

Peter Lawler linux-aus at bleeter.id.au
Tue Oct 22 09:38:46 EST 2013

On 22/10/13 08:33, Mary Gardiner wrote:
> Michael Still <mikal at ...> writes:
>> no one
>> asked for one.

> 1. it can be particularly hard to ensure access for speakers: rooms may have
> ramps but stages not, for example; or microphones are at podiums only, which
> means speakers must both stand and be in a range of average heights.

There was comments made either on this list or the LCA 2013 list about
how it transpired. Can't recall the specifics, but I think Mary may be
on track here.

I can't speak for those folks, but certainly the impression I have been
left with getting on near a year later is that it worked at some level
some times, just not when it really mattered with a speaker who didn't
want to be recorded and talked at a bajizillion miles an hour. (I also
suspect quite a few people with perfect hearing would've liked some
audio clarification there as well ;)

However, as I say, that's just the imrpession. Fairly certain the
commentary on whichever list it was has some sort of more detail.


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