[Linux-aus] Information surrounding the upcoming Linux Australia Member Survey 2013

Linux Australia Secretary secretary at linux.org.au
Sat Oct 19 14:59:25 EST 2013

> One question: will (suitably anonymised) detailed results be available 
> to members?
> Thanks,
> Paul

Thanks for your feedback Paul, this initiative is certainly driven by a 
desire to better understand our members' needs, aspirations and desires, 
and to steer the organisation in ways that can better meet them.

Depending on timing, we plan on tabling the report at the Annual General 
Meeting at linux.conf.au 2014 in Perth in early January and for it to be 
made publicly available at or after this time. Questions have been 
specifically designed so that their granularity does not identify 
specific members, and the data storage mechanisms further prevent 
identification.  All information in the report will be de-identified.

We also intend to provide regular progress updates on the survey.

As always, comments, feedback and concerns are warmly welcomed to list, 
or privately if preferred,

With kind regards,

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