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Hi Kathy,

My preference is for LA to have a consistent stance against all software 
patents.  I recognise that being in business requires that one work 
within the existing legal framework (hence why the OIN exists), but I 
don't think LA needs to be part of that, not being a business-focused 
entity.  Nowadays, patents are a means of stifling innovation, 
especially for small businesses (which can't afford any involvement with 
the patent system), and joining the OIN would be an endorsement of that 
system.  OSIA recently made a submission to the government in support of 
abolishing all software patents, and I can't see why LA would support 
them any more than OSIA does.


On 10/17/2013 11:14 PM, Linux Australia Secretary wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Please see below from Shane Coughlan of the Open Invention Network 
> seeking Linux Australia as a signatory to the patent non-aggression 
> pledge outlined below.
> Council would like to seek views and opinions from the community in 
> regard to whether Linux Australia should become a signatory.
> Media coverage of the organisation, the non-aggression pledge and 
> related issues can be found at;
> http://openinventionnetwork.com/about_recent.php
> As always your feedback may go to the list publicly, or privately to 
> Council. Please indicate if you wish your feedback to be kept 
> anonymous and your personal information will be removed and feedback 
> aggregated.
> With kind regards,
> Kathy
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> Subject: 	[LACTTE] Linux Australia and the OIN community
> Date: 	Thu, 17 Oct 2013 12:25:40 +0900
> From: 	Shane Coughlan <scoughlan at openinventionnetwork.com>
> To: 	council at linux.org.au
> My name is Shane Coughlan and I am from Open Invention Network (OIN). We help protect Linux-related technology from patent tension. Our goal is to build a non-aggression "standard of behaviour" to protect the future of Open Source and we would like your help.
> OIN has a community of over 610 companies and projects. Everyone in this community pledges not to use patents aggressively against each other on Linux System technology. We would like you to do this too. Even if you have no patents, your voice in support of non-aggression supports our mission. We have frequently welcome trade and community organisations, with NLnet Foundation (Netherlands) and KOSSA (Korea) serving as two excellent examples.
> Our community is free to join, and while it does not provide 100% protection, it lowers risk for everyone while we work to deter aggression from third parties. It is the largest community to address patent challenges in the world.
> I hope we can get your support. Today that is simpler than ever. We use eSigning for making a patent non-aggression pledge. It takes about three minutes to complete:
> http://licenses.openinventionnetwork.com
> Regards
> Shane
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