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Robyn Willison robyn at robynspcs.com
Wed Oct 16 18:27:57 EST 2013

Once again where do Pensioners and Unemployed etc apply. According to 
your website we are Hobbyists and should be paying $399 to go.

I have to ask this every year and every year I'm promised the website 
will be changed and I don't think one of them has been changed ever.

It's damn rude, there are young and old pensioners who are contributers 
to this Linux Community.

 From your website.....

The Hobbyist rate is heavily discounted for free software enthusiasts 
who are paying out of their own pockets and would otherwise find it 
difficult to attend.

This concession rate is reserved for college or university students. 
linux.conf.au offers this rate as a form of investment in the future of 
the free and open source software community. As part of the registration 
process, a valid student ID card or proof of enrolment must be presented 
to the onsite registration desk. Any student who cannot provide this 
will be required to register at the conference as a hobbyist instead.

Robyn Willison

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