[Linux-aus] TPP IP chapter leak

Daniel Bryan danbryan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 11:30:07 EST 2013

I understand that there's a talk by Sky Croeser at LCA 2014 on the TPP; I'm
looking forward to it.

There was some mention in the thread about the QLD education of the issue
of "lobbying". I'm strongly of the opinion that paying some lobbyists to go
stalk the House in Canberra is not the only way that ordinary people can
cause a shift in public policy, and I think there's a lot of data to back
that position.

A significant minority of Australians are publicly opposed to the TPP, and
few people would agree with the loss of national sovereignty and the bias
towards large rightsholders. If and when a coalition starts to form around
this issue, it would be great to see technically-focused, "non-partisan"
orgs like LCA being centrally involved.
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