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 From the official website at

    Join us on January 18th to celebrate Education Freedom Day!

*Education Freedom Day* is a worldwide celebration of *Open Educational 
Initiated by 2013 by the same organization behind Software Freedom Day 
<http://www.softwarefreedomday.org> it aims at educating the worldwide 
public about the benefits of using Free Software and Open Educational 
Resources in education. It also provides an international day to serve 
as a platform to raise awareness to existing projects and communities 
around the world as well a encourage participation in local free 
software and open educational resources initiatives. The non-profit 
organization *Digital Freedom Foundation* 
<http://www.digitalfreedomfoundation.org> coordinates EFD at a global 
level, providing support, giveaways and a point of collaboration, but 
volunteer teams around the world organize the local EFD events to impact 
their own communities.

Education Freedom Day will be hosted annually starting this *Saturday, 
January 18th, 2014*. Registration is now open 
<http://www.educationfreedomday.org/cgi-bin/register.py> and we will try 
to provide as much information as possible regarding OER projects 
worldwide. Of course there is a global map 
<http://www.educationfreedomday.org/map/> of all the events as we 
usually do for SFD <http://www.softwarefreedomday.org>, HFD 
<http://www.hfday.org> and CFD <http://www.culturefreedomday.org> and a 
wiki <http://wiki.educationfreedomday.org> with all related resources.

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