[Linux-aus] David Lyon - Wishing to run for Council

David Lyon david.lyon at hackerpads.com
Sat Nov 23 10:59:23 EST 2013

Hi all,

I'm expressing my wish to run for Council this year.

Even as a non-council member, this year you've already seen my positive 
influence in Christopher Neugebauer taking up one of my suggestions and 
doing overseas outreaches to Pycon US for Australians.

A year ago I wrote and discussed this very topic as an idea on this 
mailing list and it's now come to pass and the program appears to be up 
and running. I'm really hoping that Christopher does well in this.

What it demonstrates is significant confidence in local Open-Source 
software development and it would be great to see this continue and 

I've personally been involved in Open Source software for at least two 
decades. And quite often give talks on Linux things like Raspberry-Pi's, 
interfacing, Python and other current hands-on programming topics at the 
Sydney Linux User Group.

Going forward, I'd support more local Open-Source overseas advocacy. 
And would suggest balancing Christophers excellent advocacy with similar 
programs to either Europe or Asia or if budget allows both.

I'm not proposing any major changes in direction, only small 
adjustments that can bring freshness to Linux Australia and keep it 
moving forward and relevant.


David Lyon

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