[Linux-aus] declining nominations

Stewart Smith stewart at flamingspork.com
Wed Nov 20 18:29:07 EST 2013

Clinton Roy <clinton.roy at gmail.com> writes:
> As there seems to be no way to decline nominations in the current voting
> system I thought it appropriate to do that here.

Sorry about that, in this case that is totally my fault - something I've
kind of been meaning to fix in my infinite free time over the past ten
years (It may be closer to 9years 11 months or something but who's
counting :)

> In order to concentrate on running PyCon in Brisbane over the next couple
> of years I'm stepping back from a number of taxes on my time, including the
> council.
> Everyone on the council has been a pleasure to work with, and I thoroughly
> recommend all the members standing for re-election. In terms of new
> members, I fully support Chris's nomination.
> Most of the downsides have been around managing people, which is difficult
> for me as I'm not a people person.  Everyone in this community is a
> volunteer, and I'd plead with people to think about the large amount of
> time and angst that is spent on dealing with issues that blow up from time
> to time. The issue of volunteers burning out by having to deal with such
> issues is a real one, please think of the larger community,  not just your
> own feelings. If you're thinking of responding to this particular
> paragraph, please don't.
> The positives for me this year have been working with the other members of
> the council, being able to see the outcomes of our funding grants and
> seeing the great number of people wanting to run conferences and workshops
> on OSS across Australia.

As a long time LA member and former council member I'd like to thank you
for your committment and time. I know how much of a time sink it can be
at times and also how rewarding it is to see the fruit of your efforts.

So again, thank you, and continuing pumping effort into awesome open
source conferences is a most awesome thing to do.

Stewart Smith
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