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Joshua Hesketh josh at nitrotech.org
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In the interests of openness and transparency, the Council wishes to
advise of a decision which may influence nominations and voting for the
current Election, and are disclosing this information to give you the
opportunity to nominate and vote accordingly.

In the bidding process to award the host city for linux.conf.au 2015,
the Council received a number of outstanding bids. We are very excited
by what we received and were equally impressed during site visits.

It is the duty of the council to ensure linux.conf.au runs as a
successful and continuous event. We recognise the huge commitment it
takes from volunteers to pull off such an event - a lot of the hard
work, meetings, preparation and people involved all to often go
overlooked. So after much deliberation and discussion we have decided
that it is appropriate to move LCA to a 2 year organising cycle. The
primary advantages include more organisational lead-time, higher chances
to engage with delegates and sponsors and more notice to lock in venues
to list but a few.

This means two things:
1) that we have chosen which teams to award both LCA2015 and LCA2016 to, and
2) that moving forward LCA teams will bid two years in advanced.

For example, next year (during 2014) the council will take bids for LCA2017.

We hope this will reduce the pressure on organising teams to do so much
work in such a small time-frame. We also see it as advantageous for the
following years team to work along side a current years team to learn
from their practices and so forth.

As such during LCA2014 we will be announcing the winners for the next
two LCA's and will see a presentation from the LCA2015 team.

Looking forward to seeing all you great people in Perth in < 2 months!

The Linux Australia Council

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