[Linux-aus] [Chat] Open Programming Miniconf is still looking for talk proposals!

Mike O'Connor mike at oeg.com.au
Tue Nov 19 09:04:47 EST 2013

On 19/11/13 8:10 AM, Chris Neugebauer wrote:
> LCA's Open Programming Miniconf still has a couple of presentation slots open.
> So, if you've got a programming-related topic that you'd like to
> present a 25-minute talk about, we'd love to have you!
> To see the talks we've already accepted, take a look at our
> work-in-progress schedule at
> https://lca2014.linux.org.au/wiki/Miniconfs/OpenProgramming
> And to submit a talk proposal, visit http://tinyurl.com/opm2014-proposals
> --Chris
Hi Chris

I could present a talk about a new language called ClockWork


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