[Linux-aus] FLOSS 2013 Survey you may be interested in

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Tue Nov 19 11:30:08 EST 2013

On 18/11/2013 19:14, Linux Australia Secretary wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> You may be interested in the survey below
> The FLOSS 2013 survey
> In 2002, the first FLOSS survey was launched. With over 2500
> participants, it was the first large survey of Free/Libre/Open Source
> developers around the world. This survey had major impact in the
> community, academia and politics. 10 years later we would like to
> replicate the survey in order to see how the community has changed.
> http://t.co/1df8p71n2A
> Regards,
> Kathy

WTF has my marital status, am I living with my partner, do I have kids, 
blah blah blah got to do with FLOSS...I'm suprised it never asked for my 
bank account.. aborted after page 3.

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