[Linux-aus] Dual-booting Win*/*nix with UTC BIOS Clock

David Lyon david.lyon at hackerpads.com
Sun Nov 17 21:28:21 EST 2013

On 2013-11-18 01:06, Peter Lawler wrote:
>> One option is to remove the RTC-IC from the motherboard entirely.
> <snip>
> Now there's a bright idea, simple and elegant.
> I'm loathed to desolder on 'production' machines. Will give it a go
> when I next retire one. Seems certainly like a good excuse to
> hopefully replace this 30+ year old analogue 'scope I've inherited ;)
> Thanks for the brainwave!

I gave a talk this year at the Sydney Linux Users group about using I2C 
on Linux.

One option I showed was running devices off the VGA/HDMI port under 
Linux controlled by Python.

So what could be quite easily done, is to take one of these modules: 
http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/200988660029 and attach it to a vga/hdmi 
adaptor. Then plug that in. It wouldn't require IC removal, which I 
understand some people are averse to.

This new RTC adaptor won't be visible from windows.

You can then use this python code: 
https://gist.github.com/BlueN/6049584 to read from the module over the 
VGA/HDMI port. Once you have the correct date and time, you can then 
pass it to the operating system for it's use.

Yes, this is all a bit hackerish, and not the shortest way to go about 
solving the problem. However it will work, and it does have 
entertainment value. Not that many people in Australia regularly run 
devices from their VGA ports. But it's quite easy once you know how.

Here's the circuit information for what you will need to do on the VGA 
side http://flipthatbit.net/2011/04/interfacing-i2c-the-easy-way/ 
although you can just as easily interface from HDMI too.



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