[Linux-aus] Dual-booting Win*/*nix with UTC BIOS Clock

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Sun Nov 17 14:26:23 EST 2013

> One option is to remove the RTC-IC from the motherboard entirely.

I'm not sure that would make much of a difference.  The clock exists in
software and the time is loaded from the RTC at boot.  So if you remove
the chip, the time will just go back to midnight 1 Jan 1970 (depending
on your BIOS) every time you switch on the PC.

Perhaps it's easier to spot your clock being out by 43 years than 12
hours, but I suspect you'll still have the same resulting problem!

Not to mention the NVRAM in the RTC chip is typically where your BIOS
stores its settings, so unless your motherboard supports saving its
settings to flash memory, you'll lose the ability to customise your BIOS

> You might have to set your bios to 'Ignore Errors' on boot.

Except that setting might be lost once you power off ;-)


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