[Linux-aus] Jackson's $150 hardware request

Andrew McDonnell andrew at andrewmcdonnell.net
Sun Nov 17 00:23:46 EST 2013

Hi Jackson

that case mod is seriously awesome... I hope you dont mind me holding your
work up as an example to my own son (nearly 13) as an example of what is
possible ;-)

> i'm 14 and have been an ubuntu member for 6 months now. I have built PCs
> since i was 12 and spent 2 years volunteering in an e-waste recycling
> centre too (I can't legally volunteer there now due to my age).

When I was 16 (into last century!) a metal recycler near where I lived opened
up a shopfront for a while selling 'recycled' computer parts, (in reality it
was already vintage gear then, let alone now, and  I cringe when I think about
the treasure that since went to landfill!) and the guy let me hang out for an
hour after school every week for a while just looking at all the stuff even
though I rarely bought anything.  Life seemed more relaxed then, no lawyers /
insurance used as an excuse for common sense...

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all the best, and keep it up!


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