[Linux-aus] Candidate Statement: Christopher Neugebauer

Mark Ellem mark at colmiga.org
Sat Nov 16 14:18:57 EST 2013

Hi Chris,

Can we get your views on how you would contribute to wider exposure of
the free/open-source community and values to the general public if
elected to the Linux Australia council?

I feel Linux Australia is also an advocacy group, not just a
conference/grants funder. You seem to be mainly focussed on the latter
which while good is only part of the bigger picture.

That said, all the best with your candidacy.

Mark Ellem

On Sat, 2013-11-16 at 12:49 +1100, Chris Neugebauer wrote:
> I'm writing to announce my candidacy to be a Council Member of Linux Australia.
> I am also considering a run for the role of Vice-President. I wouldn't
> run for such a role if a member of the 2013 council ran. This year's
> council has been excellent, and if Hugh decided not to continue as VP,
> I'd happily advocate for another 2013 council member to take his
> place.
> I've been involved with Linux Australia since 2008; I also
> unsuccessfully ran for the role of Council Member for 2013.
> I, along with Joshua Hesketh, ran PyCon Australia in Hobart in 2012
> and 2013. In my side of the role, I sorted all of the public-facing
> aspects of the conference: publicity, outreach, and sponsorship
> liaison. In this role, we saw PyCon AU produce its biggest attendance
> ever, and each year, we raised in excess of 40% of that year's budget
> in sponsorship.
> I'm a nominated and elected member of the Python Software Foundation,
> the organisation that oversees the growth of the Python programming
> language and its community; my nomination was in recognition of the
> work I did with PyCon AU.
> I've also run Miniconfs at each Linux.conf.au since 2010 in Wellington.
> Here's how I'd hope to contribute to Linux Australia if I were serving
> on the council:
> 1) I'd like to see event funding and sponsorships handled more
> centrally through Linux Australia. I'd establish, and chair a
> sponsorship & fundraising subcommittee that LA's conferences can
> participate in. We can help conferences find contacts for sponsors,
> and increase the funding base for our major events, so they can spend
> more money on outreach programmes (such as PyCon AU's very successful
> financial assistance programme).
> 2) I'd like to develop a model for looking after LA's conferences that
> focus less on a year-to-year basis, and more to a long-term steering
> model, with a focus on sharing expertise from year to year, and
> reducing organiser burnout. This model would be applied to PyCon AU,
> with a view to producing something that could also work for e.g.
> Linux.conf.au.
> 3) I have a voice in the international Python Community, and I
> actively follow issues that arise in Open Source communities
> internationally. I hope to be able to make the council more aware of
> issues that arise in such communities as they arise.
> I also attend a whole lot of Open Source related events every year,
> both in Australia and abroad. I'd be honoured to be able to represent
> Linux Australia and its council wherever appropriate.
> If you have any questions about my candidacy, feel free to contact me,
> either on- or off-list.
> Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you all,
> --Chris

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