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Hi Robyn and Euan,

On 7 Nov 2013, at 5:08 am, Robyn Willison <robyn at robynspcs.com> wrote:
> This is not an attack against you personally.
> A pensioner earns approximately $600 a fortnight before any living expenses.
> Gina Reinhardt earns $**** I don't know how much a fortnight.
> But we both pay the same?

According to:

  * http://www.howrichareyou.com.au

…Gina would earn about $1.1 AUD per hours. I am going to assume that the web-site is weighted *against* Gina to make it look like she earns much more than she does and so I’ll arbitrarily pretend that she earns about half that amount.

To make it even more “unfair” to Gina, I’ll assume she only earns money for 37.8 hours per week, which still makes her an astounding 20.69 million AUD per week. Assuming “poor” Gina pays the full 45% tax rate (ignoring medicare levies and other weird levies
) this leaves our hobbyist, Gina, with (rounding down to the nearest 100 000)…


Seeing we are having issues getting this issue, this happens to be about 31 166 times the average pensioner earns approximately a fortnight if, indeed, they can earn as much as Robyn claims.

In comparison, it seems that the average Australian wage in May 2013 was about $1420 gross; still, poor “Gina” now only makes about 6584 times more than the average Australian punter.


So, let’s me make some observations:

* Gina Reinhardt, who might earn more than 20 690 000 dollars gross (or 9 350 000 net) per week gets to pay hobbyist expenses just like pensions who earn about 321 millionth (0.0000321) of her wages;

It would probably be easier to give poor “Gina” a ticket because surely if we could tap her on the shoulder for, say, 1/10th of her annual income it would be worth Linux Australia getting charity status so that she could deduct that from her huge tax bill.

…but it takes sabre rattling for someone on a legitimate Government approved social security scheme to get the wording changed and policies changed each year to come along at a lower price than the professional price.

Am I missing something here?


Disclaimer: I make a full apology to poor “Gina” as I suspect she employs extremely competent financial accountants who can reduce her tax liability per week in eminently legal ways.

* http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Products/6302.0~May+2013~Main+Features~Average+Weekly+Cash+Earnings?OpenDocument
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