[Linux-aus] Victim Impact Statement

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Wed Nov 6 14:37:51 EST 2013

On Tue, 5 Nov 2013, Luke Martinez <me at luke.asia> wrote:
> Show me one instance of a woman being publicly shamed because she has a
> different opinion about policy on a IT Mailing List.  Most mailing lists
> are public & have records so i'm sure you can show me... oh.. you can't?
> This faux anecdotal evidence BS is just that, BS. THIS is what has
> happened, it's not justifiable just because you can come up with some
> fairyland situation in which a woman is publicly shamed for having a
> different opinion on a policy.

I think that your problem here is in how you interpret things.  You interpret 
many people disagreeing with David as "shaming" but seem to set the bar for 
"shaming" to be very high when the men's rights people are on the attack.

On Mon, 4 Nov 2013, Luke Martinez <me at luke.asia> wrote:
> However, my other comments about Autism remain and I stand by them, the
> people who were refering to David as an Aspie were saying so to demean him
> & dehumanize him in order to invalidate his statements.

Through this entire discussion you have demonstrated no respect for anyone who 
disagrees with you.  The above section where you double down on claims that 
Aspies aren't human is just one example.

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