[Linux-aus] Gender discrimination in IT (was Re: Victim Impact Statement)

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Wed Nov 6 10:24:19 EST 2013

She got the job because the employer thinks shes hot

He got the job because employer thinks she'll drop her bundle and piss 
off inconveniencing him

X got hired over Z because Z's gay

Y didnt get the job because Y is too young

O didnt get hired because O is too old

P didnt get hired because P is a member of some nutjob religious org 
like the ACL

guess what, this is called  R E A L I T Y  and only in very  M I N O R  
cases - but, if:

She got the job because the govt said we have to hire more women

THAT is the day Australia becomes the biggest laughing stock of the 
world, businesses full of more sex than the other, mandated by govt but 
who cares if they know HTF to do the job and cause irreversible damage 
to the company

It should never mater what  age/sex/orientation whatever, if, you can 
prove you are the best person, you will get the job in the VAST majority 
of businesses. Yes as above there will always be a TINY minority of 
businesses who will go by the start of this above examples, seriously 
who cares, ask yourself this, would you really WANT to work for a 
company like that? I know I wouldnt.

Lastly, in my final post of this done to death thread (and its 
variations), ask yourself this, if a woman had started this thread 
complaining about men, would you have attacked her in the same way you 
gutless irrelevant (I was going to use another C word but elected for) 
cowards did David? No, I think not, a good few of you need to stop what 
you are doing, find a bathroom, and take a good long hard look at 
yourself in the mirror, Its clear to me, and three non Linux people I 
have shown this thread to, that removing David from this equation as I 
suspect he is no longer a list subscriber and that does not imply I 
think he is, because I don't - but that there ARE in fact plenty of 
sexist people on this list, as demonstrated by this thread.

the hypocrisy... you lot make me sick, I'm ashamed to be associated with 
this organisation, any other organisation I'm a member of would never 
have allowed this to get to this stage, and, if it did, would have 
evicted the 'regular offenders' that here seem to get away with whatever 
they want, I could go on, but if I do, It's only going to go downhill 
and that wont be pleasant, so i';ll end my participation in this thread, 
whilst I too, reconsider my decision as to if I wish to remain a member.

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