[Linux-aus] Victim Impact Statement

Patrick Elliott-Brennan mail at elliott-brennan.id.au
Wed Nov 6 07:56:57 EST 2013

Paul Wayper and Jessica Smith.

David has self-reported his experience of the initial responses he received
from the members of this list as contributing to a negative state of mental

This makes it uncomfortable and difficult to address his contributory
behaviour. The effect is to straight jacket replies.

Subsequently the responses from most people have focused on being
compassionate and supportive towards David. Each of those persons deserve
recognition for their thoughtfulness.

I think you've both done equally well, within the limitations of a public
e-mail list, to respectfully ensure the initiating issue is not subsumed
and exculpated and to identify that such claims in and of  themselves
contribute to similar experiences for women and young females who are
exposed to them.

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