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Matthew Lye matthew.lye at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 4 10:24:14 EST 2013

I waited for a while before responding because I just didnt know what to
put as a response to this. The fact that this ever reached this point is a
complete failing of the community. Please let this outcome be a reminder in
the future to all of us to take a second and think how our statements could
be hurtful, demeaning, or objectifying. People of all races, colours,
creeds, and sexes should feel welcome here in this digital space without
judgement being passed on their intentions.

I understand that discussing 'special treatment' almost regardless of
context is a very touchy subject, especially when talking about the
equality of women. The same problems and reactions exist if your talking
about First Nations guaranteed slots in medical programs undermining
confidence in the quality of First Nations doctors or any other diversity
issue where a 'quota' or 'target' is in place.

Too often we focus on the individual asking the questions rather than the
questions themselves. If a women had raised the issue would the reaction
have been so severe? If it would not have been so severe, why did people
suddenly feel more threatened because the individual raising the question
had the wrong gender? If gender equality was the issue, then how could we
be so demeaning to someone who raised a valid point because he happened to
be the wrong gender, and as such because a chauvinist without any evidence.

I would hate to see another thread come up where someone decided to talk
about LGBT and raise the same types of issues and see some other individual
suffer the same way.

David, please make sure you are getting the care you need. I do hope that
in time you will be able to return to the community. For all our flaws and
faults we are a better place with other views to broaden discussion and
provide insight. There are many others in this community that have, do, and
will in the future suffer from depression and anxiety.

I applaud your bravery in doing this, and your openness. I personally
learnt how far different an individuals intent can get from how another
person reads the same text and this incident will help me to think more
carefully in the future regarding how I interpret others text ensuring that
I assume the best, and not the worst, in what people have written.

-Matthew Lye

 Leadership is responsibility, not privilege, Action, not position,
Guidance, not knowledge, and outcome, not disposition.

"Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it
often substitutes for both." - John Andrew Holmes

On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 5:58 AM, Peter Lawler <linux-aus at bleeter.id.au>wrote:

> On 04/11/13 01:07, Luke Martinez wrote:
> > male suicide is never talked
> > about at the rate that it should be.
> OK, as the only (as far as 'we' know) person required to attend LCA by
> medical direction, I feel somewhat qualified to now throw my 2c in to
> this thread.
> As per advice decided between myself and my professional assistance (not
> so much learning how to let go, more not grabbing hold so hard in the
> first place)...
> Actually, no. Bugger it.
> There's already enough stupid clogging the interwebs without my constant
> gleeful contributions to it. It wouldn't add anything to what's already
> been said by some, or may be taken as flame bait by others.
> Except:
> Best of luck to you, David. And please, take care.
> Regards,
> Pete.
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