[Linux-aus] [LACTTE] Victim Impact Statement

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Sun Nov 3 19:11:55 EST 2013

Dear David,

I was truly saddened to read your email and of your decision to leave
Linux Australia, it took considerable courage to say your piece so
openly and honestly.

The black dog of depression and mental illness is a rotten thing to deal
with, like many in our community I've been through that journey myself
and add my encouragement to that you've had from others to persevere -
you will prevail.

You mention me in your email as one of the catalysts for your decision
to leave and so I can well imagine that you're sceptical of my motives
in writing now.

My motives are not complex - I took issue with your actions, not with
you as a person.  To the extent my response in relation to the former
has caused hurt to you the latter, I unreservedly apologise.

Please look after you, reach out to the combination of trusted friends,
family and professional care that feels right for you and I truly wish
you well.


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