[Linux-aus] LA Privacy Policy

Linux Australia Secretary secretary at linux.org.au
Sun May 5 10:51:16 EST 2013

Hi Peter,
Many thanks for raising this with us - good find.
We have noted this for discussion at our next Council meeting scheduled 
for Thursday.

If there is anyone on the list with an interest in this topic who would 
like to be involved here, we'd love to hear from you,

Kind regards,

On 30/04/13 09:39, Peter Lawler wrote:
> Hi!
> Just wondering if there's an official LA Privacy Policy.
> I had a look over http://linux.org.au/policies and didn't see one. 
> Further investigation on the wiki turned up 
> http://wiki.linux.org.au/Linux_Australia:Privacy_policy in the footer 
> of every document. This page is practically empty (inviting people to 
> edit it).
> AIUI, the Confs usually have their own. Hence I was wondering if there 
> was some 'master' type document that sub-committees, etc., should work 
> with.
> Cheers,
> Pete.
> cc'd LA Secretary

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