[Linux-aus] Teaching Computers/Software in Vietnam

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On 23 March 2013 12:37, David Lyon (Hackerpads)
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> Here's an interesting blog on teaching CS in Vietnam:
>   - http://neil.fraser.name/news/2013/03/16/

Awesome story. This para just floored me. Both for the need to be met as
well as the way it was done by circumventing Head Office:

"The CS teacher was excited and promised to teach Blockly the next day. But
there was another issue compromising the class. Due to a lack of funds, the
school could not afford two CS teachers, so half the school was unable to
take CS. I asked what a teacher's salary was. $100 per month. So I went to
an ATM and bought them a second teacher for the next year."

One of the odd occasions where one solution really was to just throw some
money against it.

-- Ian
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