[Linux-aus] Expressing interest is a good thing

Andrew Cowie andrew at operationaldynamics.com
Mon Mar 11 16:57:42 EST 2013

I'd just wanted to comment briefly that I think it's excellent that
already two teams have put up "expressions of interest" for hosting LCA

One of the weaknesses, I think, in getting linux.conf.au put on over the
last few years has been the bid process happening mostly out of sight. I
fully realize that the teams involved and the councils have been
absolutely *manic* working it out, but that it all appears with an
announcement at the end it makes it a bit seem like it's "someone else's

So terrific to see people broadcasting their interest. The more people
we can get involved early, then hopefully the more manageable the load
will be for bidders, organizers, and council.


Which applies to you lot in Perth, by the way :) ... LA (aka the council
& ghosts & last year's team) will be helping, of course, but make sure
you reach out regularly with what you're doing _and what you need_ so
the broader community can get engaged and lend a hand.


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