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Patrick Elliott-Brennan mail at elliott-brennan.id.au
Sat Jun 15 14:31:05 EST 2013

Just to cause extra distraction :))

1. I support LA making a submission about this issue. All community groups

2. The police should not be able to just track everyone and anyone. Courts
and warrants are necessary to limit their demands and ensure public privacy
and public rights are maintained. Natch!

2. Russell, regarding white collar crime. Fraud is a white collar crime.
The costs to those who are defrauded includes losing their jobs, losing
their homes, relationship failures due to these events and the emotional
and psychological trauma of being thrown into poverty or suffering
significant financial loss. Children especially experience major hardship
when parents lose jobs and homes.

I'm not arguing the toss about 'which crime is worse' but merely that white
collar crime has victims who suffer real hardship and trauma as a result.
The consequences are real and significant.

Additionally, the cost of financial cost of fraud has a major negative
effect on the broader community. For instance:

In 2008 it was estimated at $AU8.5 billion. This is a major loss to  the
community, resulting in a reduction in services available and the many
benefits these can bring.


In short, white collar crime causes real physical and psychological harm to
those directly and indirectly affected.

"We now cross back to the weather" :)


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