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HI everyone,

Minutes of Council Meeting 06 June 2013 are now available.
As always your comments, feedback and questions are warmly welcomed.
Kind regards,

Council minutes Thursday 06 June 2013

MINUTES Council Meeting

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata
2. Log any correspondence for discussion or receipt
3. Review state of action items from previous meetings
4. Discuss starred items
5. Note any unstarred items
6. Other business

Present: El Presidente, Josh Stewart, Francois Marier, Kathy Reid

Apology: Hugh Blemings, Bianca Gibson and Clinton Roy

Meeting opened 1950hrs

Quorum was achieved

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata

MOVE that the minutes from 23 May are correct

MOTION by El Presidente that minutes from 23 May are correct, SECONDED 
by Josh Stewart, passed 3 votes, 1 abstention (Francois who was an 
apology at last meeting)

2. Log of correspondence


    Membership - In the period since last meeting 23 May, there have
    been 2 applications for membership of LA. These have all been
    approved. Membership stands at 2942 according to MemberDB.


    UTBOX Invoice received 01 June appears overdue - is any further
    action required?
    Received further email 7 June.
    ACTION: El Presidente to follow up with John Ferlito to understand
    sponsorship arrangement and determine whether to keep it in place.
    General feeling that it's not required.


    Community feedback regarding sponsorship of AUIGF from PAUL SZYNDLER
    at AUDA
    General discussion around what we want to do here. El Presidente in
    favour of focussing on helping regional, rural and other
    under-represented cohort, and allowing administration to be
    undertaken by AUIGF. Suggestion that we should seek a report from
    delegates after the forum. Suggestion of around $2000 budget.
    MOTION by El Presidente that Linux Australia sponsor AUIGF to $2000
    for the purpose of encouraging attendance by under-represented
    cohorts such as rural, regional, female and delegates from a
    culturally and linguistically diverse background, with the
    understanding that AUIGF would administer this process with input
    from Linux Australia around delegate selection. SECONDED by
    Francois. Carried unanimously
    ACTION: El Presidente to respond to Paul to make arrangements


    Feedback from LUGs regarding Subcommittee spiel on websites
    Feedback went to El Presidente. No further action at this time.


    Letter requesting support for EFA CITIZENS NOT SUSPECTS campaign
    Discussion around how the money would be spent - and generally it
    would go towards a campaign manager and advertising and lobbying
    costs. Discussion around needing support of membership base to
    officially support the campaign. The campaign is likely to be lengthy.
    ACTION: Kathy to send to membership for discussion
    ACTION: Kathy to keep JON LAWRENCE informed / in the loop on this


    Email of website copy changes suggested by ALASTAIR IRVINE
    ACTION: Kathy to update the website and thank Alastair for his
    attention to detail


    Notification of LCA2015 Bid Auckland from CHERIE ELLIS
    Council noted this with thanks
    ACTION: El Presidente to send email to everyone who expressed an
    interest to do a follow up and seek and update on progress

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

(Refer Trello for action items and please update current status before 
ACTION: El Presidente to follow up to make sure Open Food Web got a VM 
to put their website on

ACTION: Someone to follow up with Peter and Donna as to what's in 
storage and the necessity of keeping it to make a decision around storage

4. Items for discussion

a. Aus Government open document format

El Presidente has had conversations with EFA around this. General 
agreement we should draft a letter in collaboration with EFA supporting 
mandating of open document formats to AGIMO.
ACTION: Josh Stewart to work on this one.

b. GovHack judging

No further action, many thanks to Clinton Roy
ACTION: Congratulatory tweets to be sent by Kathy

c. Responses to call for participation and followup required
Webteam - needs attention
ACTION: El Presidente to follow up Webteam

d. LCA2014 update
Going well, CfP has gone out

e. LCA2015 bid process update
See action item above

f. Pycon AU update
Going well, sold more than 2012

g. Shaun Nyquist travel request
Awaiting advice from Clinton
ACTION: Josh to shoot an email to Clinton

h. Media subcommittee and Newsletter update
Discussion around how to keep momentum with Media Subcommittee
ACTION: Call for articles for Winter newsletter to go out from Kathy

i. Drupal South

j. Drupal Gov

k. Joomla Day Sydney

ACTION: El Presidente to chase Joomla Day Sydney folks

l. WordCamp Melb wrap up

Awaiting feedback from Dee

m. Software Freedom Conservancy's accounting software campaign (Josh's 
proposal was 1.3K -- 3.5 years of Xero licensing fees)
MOTION by Francois that Linux Australia donate $1300 to the Software 
Freedom Conservancy accounting software campaign, SECONDED by El 
Presidente, 1 against motion (Josh Stewart), 1 abstention (Kathy Reid). 
Motion is carried according to Linux Australia constitution.
ACTION: Francois to identify a way forward to action the donation

5. Items for noting

http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/- 135 days to go until Software 
Freedom Day

6. Other business

Three additional items were discussed in camera but cannot be made 
public for reasons of privacy and confidentiality

Meeting closed 2057hrs

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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