[Linux-aus] Seeking feedback - EFA Citizens Not Suspects campaign

Jessica Smith jessica at itgrrl.com
Sun Jun 9 22:34:36 EST 2013

On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 10:09 PM, Glen Turner <gdt at gdt.id.au> wrote:

> - a proposal for mandatory retention of data...
> Oh, you mean a proposal to build a cache of data containing everyone's
> credit
> and other information. Nothing can go wrong with that.
> Seriously, the government is essentially betting your money that their
> security
> can stand up to the russian mafia, without even one small slip-up.

Actually, it's significantly worse than that. The government would be
betting that the security of /every/ ISP (not the government itself) tasked
with retaining the data of their customers is invulnerable to cracking by
anyone. While most ISPs are quite good (for various values of 'good') at
providing connectivity services to their customers, there is no reason to
believe that even the most well-resourced of them necessarily have
equivalent expertise in data security. Telstra, with arguably the deepest
pockets of all Australian ISPs, routinely and embarrassingly leaks
confidential customer data.


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