[Linux-aus] Optus Wireless USB Dongle

Don Knowles donakk at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 00:17:39 EST 2013

Hi David,

SimplyMEPIS 11 was first released in May 2011, so it might be worth your
while trying a more up to date distro, like one of the Ubuntu variants. I
personally use Xubuntu.

I have an Optus 3G USB dongle, a Huawei Mobile Connect model E160E, and
setup in Xubuntu was as simple as going into Network settings by

- left clicking on the network icon,
- left click on Edit Connections
- left click on the Mobile Broadband tab at the top,
- and click on "Add" and answer the questions in the following dialogue.

You should have a look at (and record details of) your connection under
Windows, because some detail required would need to be entered manually or
selected from a drop-down list in Linux.

Don Knowles

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Subject: [Linux-aus] Optus Wireless USB Dongle
I am hoping you can help me, or point me in the right direction. I
downloaded a Linux Distro called Mepis 11.
BUT as a new Linux user I have not been able to get my USB Dongle to work,
nor does searching the web, (via Windows), and using all the info available
there help. I just go around in circles. Optus were no help at all!
I’m starting to regret trying Linux.
David Rees.

Don Knowles, Rockhampton, Australia
a Founding Member of Central Queensland Linux User Group
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