[Linux-aus] Optus Wireless USB Dongle

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 11:05:43 EST 2013


Here's the first Google hit for 'linux optus USB 3g modem' (assuming that's
what you mean by USB dongle) :

So it looks as though there is information out there. This may be a red
herring if it's not the question you were asking - you haven't provided
much information.

I know nothing at all of the way Optus sets up its 3G modems, but I did
have one from '3' that required a Windows app to be run in order to
activate the modem and IIRC to add credit to it. That app resided in a
partition on the USB modem which mounted itself on a Windows machine, ran
its binary then unmounted itself and handed over to the modem once it had
finished. Not much use at all on a linux machine. I was able to get it
going after a fashion by activating on a Windows box then using it on a
linux machine but that proved too painful so I ditched it.

The linux-aus mailing list may not be the best place for your question. I
note that your distro of choice, Mepis, has a presence on IRC whcih may be
a better place to ask:
http://www.mepis.org/docs/en/index.php?title=MEPIS_irc_channel  and their
user community has a forum at http://forum.mepiscommunity.org/  and that's
probably where I'd start.

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