[Linux-aus] NBN discussion

David Newall davidn at davidnewall.com
Wed Jul 3 21:31:39 EST 2013

Excuse my removal of reams of oft-quoted material.  I know it's unusual 
but it makes sense to me that if one has been following the thread one 
scarcely needs it repeated, verbatim, with each new utterance; and those 
who haven't already know how to find the back-story.

On 03/07/13 17:38, it was written:
> On 03/07/13 16:36, David Newall wrote:
>> ...
> <gently>
> Apropos of what?
> </gently>

Jeremy said that the open-source community absolutely needs to discuss 
proprietary products when open-source equivalents are grossly inferior.  
That's paraphrasing him but I think it does him justice, especially as 
he actually said, "in the context of comparing [proprietary products and 
protocols] to their open cousins", the latter being notably absent from 
the discussion prior to my remarks.

Admitting I took Linux out of my example, yet I feel I showed there to 
be more interesting ways to discuss the underlying issue, which was 
VoIP, than spruiking the relative merits of proprietary interests.

>> Drawing rather a longer bow than Jeremy (quoted above)
> Please re-read the email you quoted and wrongly attributed.

Excuse me, the attribution was correct; and having reviewed what he 
wrote I have no different understanding than before.

> Posting simply to declare that you don't like what you read, and, that 
> in your opinion it doesn't belong on the list - then claiming you in 
> no way tried to stifle discussion is, um, an interesting interpretation.

What an unfair way to describe what I wrote.  It happens I did not 
simply declare what I do or don't like; I raised an interesting and 
relevant line which furthered the discussion and characterising that as 
"stifling" is unfair.  My subsequent denial is natural and just.


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