[Linux-aus] Pidgin WebRTC (was Re: NBN discussion)

Peter Lawler linux-aus at bleeter.id.au
Tue Jul 2 19:04:58 EST 2013

On 02/07/13 16:29, Russell Stuart wrote:
> On Tue, 2013-07-02 at 16:00 +1000, Peter Lawler wrote:
>> As I'm an alleged retired-retired-retired Pidgin hacker
> Ahahh!  So you are one of the slack arsed bastards who never got around
> to implementing Skype in libpurple.  :D

actually, scratch what I said about Pidgin 3.x webkit and WebRTC. We 
could do that now using GStreamer. Just need a few bods.

I might hassle the aforementioned Mr Robb about it some.


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