[Linux-aus] Ideas for spreading the word - a communications plan for LA

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Fri Jan 25 07:44:17 EST 2013

Hi everyone,

First of all, +1 to the thanks to outgoing council members

Reading through the *constructive* comments around voting and getting 
people involved, it sounds like we need a marketing or communications 
plan for Linux Australia. This is a random brain dump;

- Voting - Twitter button was great - do we need sharing, G+, AddThis 
type functionality on the site? How does this sit with our open source 

- Young People - engagement and evangelism are needed here - building 
links with Universities and TAFEs, showing what open source has to 
offer. What about a 'all the free stuff you need for Uni' series that we 
could do for students at the start of the academic year that rates *how* 
free/open/libre the product or offering is?

- Website - has served as well (thanks Donna for the design). Where does 
this really sit in our priorities? Each tasks or 'to do' item has an 
associated effort, and cost (event if it's not a monetary cost, it's 
someone's time to get it off the ground).

So there's a lot we could do, but we we will need to prioritise.

Proposing that we have a Wiki site for Comms and Marketing Plan.

What are your thoughts?

Kind regards,

Kathy Reid
@KathyReid on Twitter/Identi.ca/IRC etc
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