[Linux-aus] LA grant request

Shaun Nykvist ninja at kangawallafox.com
Thu Feb 28 16:46:47 EST 2013

Grant request as follows for non-profit activity

Date:TBA (planned for the second half of the year)

Project Name: Using open source software to support effective teaching and learning practices in Vietnamese schools

Aim of Project: 
The aim of the project is to empower teacher educators to effectively use open source software to build effective teaching and learning experiences for students through capacity building workshops.

Person Responsible for Request: Shaun Nykvist

Promoting opportunities for all through access to better quality education is a priority in todays society, particularly in developing countries.  Vietnam is a developing country with varied access (some remote areas have no access) to information and communication technologies.  One of the prohibiting factors is access to suitable software, hardware and expertise.  The affordability of using commercial software, which is often seen as the only solution, is often not a viable solution.  Open source software provides numerous possibilities from the use of learning management systems (e.g. Moodle) through to the use of collaborative writing tools.  A collaboration of educators in teacher education (universities and schools) have asked for support, through the provision of capacity building workshops in using open source software to build effective teaching and learning experiences for their education students and educators.

The request to Linux Australia is for financial support to cover travel  and some accommodation costs to Vietnam for 2 staff who will  provide the capacity building workshops for these educators staff.  This project will also be supported by the university with relation to the cost of insurances and the cost of normal salary to release staff from the university for this period. The cost of flights is approximately $1200 per flight (round trip economy saver) and the accommodation is for 4-5 nights at approximately $40 per night.

While Linux Australia has in the past supported delegates from abroad to attend linux.conf.au, support for this project would be an effective means to empower a greater number of delegates who are directly concerned with the use of open source software in education and are looking for solutions to take back to their communities. 


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