[Linux-aus] [LCA2013-Chat] The "Crowd-Sourcing TBL" Fundraiser

Joshua Hesketh josh at opentechnologysolutions.com.au
Thu Feb 7 18:40:23 EST 2013

Hello all,

The council has been discussing at some length the best way to resolve
the situation around unexpected costs for the TBL keynote at LCA.

Clearly it is a financial burden that no one member of the community
should have to bear alone - a practical and obviously well intended
gesture though it was.

We are very proud to see our community stand up and support such
outstanding efforts that Pia has made in bringing TBL to Australia. Our
sense is that the events simply unfolded too quickly for a response to
come from LA or LCA.  None the less we seek to protect our volunteers
and will cover the additional amount.

We also take onboard the very valid points made about LA being stewards
of community funds, so by and large it's all the same pot whether it
comes from a separate crowdsourced effort, or funds already held in the
LCA or LA budget.

With the above in mind, Linux Australia will be arranging to retire the
remaining debt in question as soon as practicable.

Our thanks to all involved and for the considered discussion and debate
on this issue.

Joshua Hesketh
on behalf of the Linux Australia council

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