[Linux-aus] Professionals Australia (formerly APESMA)

Daniel Jitnah djitnah at greenwareit.com.au
Tue Dec 17 17:10:03 EST 2013

Hi Lev,

On 17/12/13 16:36, Lev Lafayette wrote:
> I was a member for a few years. In some ways they were a good combination

Just wondering how long ago were you a member??

> In direct response to your question however, no, they did not show any
> real representation or understanding of IT workers, let alone FOSS. Nor, I
> must quickly add, does the ASU, which also is supposed to represent IT
> workers, or the CEPU (Comms division), which is more for
> telecommunications line workers.
> All of these I have been a member of at some stage. I am currently in the
> There is a real need to establish an IT workers union by IT workers who
> actually understand IT work. I would certainly assist in this process is
> there is genuine interest, but am very aware of the steep level of initial
> work that will be required.

Also wondering whether since the time you were a member (assuming it was
a while ago), whether the scene for professional IT people has changed
sufficiently, with outsourcing to overseas, changes to IT education, and
mostly job scene that there may be more interest in IT workers Union.
(There has also been some very preliminary discussion amongst OSIA on IT
professionals involvement in the organisation - specially as they move
from jobs to jobs).

Note also that in "theory" they may be overlap between the role of such
an organisation and ACS.

I would be keen in being involved in an IT workers "union" too.


> All the best,

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