[Linux-aus] Professionals Australia (formerly APESMA)

Daniel Bryan danbryan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 16:01:37 EST 2013

Hi LA,

I've recently considered joining APESMA (now Professionals Australia[1]);
having been in a difficult situations myself in prior job, and having seen
treatment of others that I would describe as abuse, it seems like the Union
movement is more relevant than tech workers (in Australia at least) tend to

I'd like to know whether anyone in LA has been involved with this
organisation as a rank and file member; specifically, whether their IT
division has any real representation or understanding of people who work in
the OSS ecosystem. I'm concerned that the union might only represent the
experience of IT workers hidden in an vendor-owned enterprise burrow

Since the org is careful to describe itself as a "professional
organisation" rather than a Union, I'm also curious whether anyone has
experience in its approach to workers who don't have formal qualifications
- obviously something relevant to our community, where so many people are
self-taught, and where those of us who have formal qualifications often
hold them in an unrelated field of study.

Hopefully this is relevant to someone / not just more noise in the LA list.



[1] https://www.professionalsaustralia.org.au
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