[Linux-aus] Linux Australia office bearer report 2013 - Secretary

Linux Australia Secretary secretary at linux.org.au
Fri Dec 13 14:24:40 EST 2013

Hi everyone,
Please find attached my office bearer report for 2013 in open doc format 
(plain text below).
Comments, questions and concerns warmly welcomed.
Kind regards,

  2013 Linux Australia Office-bearer report: Secretary

    Executive summary

2013 was a busy year for Council. Key achievements included the two-year 
selection of linux.conf.au host cities, the production of the Member 
Survey 2013 and the allocation of several valuable grants and sponsorships.

In addition the day-to-day running of Linux Australia proceeded without 
issue; due in large part to the excellent foundations laid by previous 
Councils. In particular, meetings were effective and well run, with 
minutes promptly published.

Unfortunately, a number of inflammatory posts on the mailing list 
consumed administrative time through response activities; such effort 
could be better directed more constructively.


During 2013, 24 Council teleconferences were held. Quorum was achieved 
at each of them, and minutes were produced and made public generally 
within a week of the conference occurring. Action items were generally 
tracked well.

The annual face to face meeting was held in early March in Melbourne and 
was particularly useful in identifying stakeholders, exploring our 
strategic environment and identifying priorities for the year. Council 
also did Media training at this time.


On 1 January 2013 Linux Australia had 3405 members.

As at 12 December 2013, Linux Australia had 3046 members.

Yearly renewal has not been implemented, and future Councils may wish to 
strongly consider prioritising this.

A significant number of members have invalid email addresses in 
MemberDB, as identified by the recent survey.

The Survey and the voting in the 2014 Council election has caused a 
large number of members to initiate password recovery.

The Membership Survey highlighted a number of key themes for strategic 
input into the priorities of future Councils including the need for 
services more targeted to students and younger members of the community, 
and likewise for the large segment of the membership base that is 
retired and of senior years.

    Media and communications

There were two key activities around media and communications - 
increasing the use of Twitter as a social media channel and producing a 
newsletter with community assistance. Twitter followers grew from 350 in 
March and are currently sitting at around 620. An inaugural newsletter 
was published in April but insufficient content could be sourced for a 
second one. Future efforts to publish a regular newsletter would benefit 
from greater community involvement. The need to undertake additional 
future marketing activities was a key theme of the Member Survey.

@linuxaustralia Twitter follower count

@linuxAustralia key posts on Twitter shown by high rate of retweet and reply

    Handling of correspondence

Linux Australia handled a large volume of correspondence this year, 
including requests for termination of membership, requests for work 
experience, enquiries from like organisations such as LUV and OSIA, 
enquiries from campaigns and related movements (TPPA, EFA etc) and again 
a small volume of support requests. All correspondence was tracked via 
minutes and responded to.

Council handled 2 formal complaints this year in accordance with the 

Kathy Reid


Linux Australia

December 2013

secretary at linux.org.au <mailto:secretary at linux.org.au>

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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