[Linux-aus] Open Source Industry Australia Survey 2013

Daniel Jitnah djitnah at greenwareit.com.au
Fri Apr 26 15:36:59 EST 2013


Open Source Industry Australia, OSIA, would like to invite you to
participate in an online survey relating to the Open Source software
industry in Australia.  Any one who has an interest in the Open Source
software sector is welcome to complete this survey.  This includes but
is not limited to OSIA present and past Members, Open Source Software
service providers, other IT service providers, users of Open Source

This survey serves 2 main purposes:

1. To provide a better understanding of the sentiments of its Members
and other Open Source practitioners in regard to OSIA's activities.

2. To provide a better understanding of the general state of the Open
Source Software sector in Australia and enable baseline data to be
established which will facilitate the evolution and progress of Open
Source software to be traced in future surveys.   The available capacity
in Australia to deliver Open Source services and products, and human
resource issues are of particular interest in this survey.

This survey should take about 10 to 15 mins to complete.

To access the survey please follow the link below.


Or visit the OSIA website (http://www.osia.com.au) and follow the link.

This survey is open until the 8 May 2013.

If you have any query or which to provide further comment about this
survey, please email:survey at osia.com.au.

We hope that your contribution will help OSIA better support the Open
Source Business Community in Australia.


OSIA Board

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