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Mark Ellem mark at colmiga.org
Tue Apr 16 20:28:41 EST 2013

Please ignore, sent it to the wrong list :-)

Ian <ilox11 at gmail.com> wrote:

>Talking about sponsorships... I was just chatting with others in a
>railway Forum. He was telling me about their naming rights sponsor  for
>their major event coming up (in Toowoomba)  and I thought that this is
>kind of sponsorship we could handle...
>“As a matter of interest, Quality Desserts have provided cakes for
>morning afternoon teas for our exhibitions exhibitors and club members,
>as well as special events for quite a few years now.”
>”Sponsorship from them is in the way of financial and product support
>we attempt to give them exposure in return for their generosity.”
>Quality Desserts is from Toowoomba Queensland. Perhaps a local wanting
>go National would be a target for a request?
>I have put some other ideas in a documents on Google Drive, "What can
>we do
>for something Special?" Please feel free to add to this.
>-- Ian
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