[Linux-aus] Call for Nominations to the TasLUG Committee

Craige McWhirter craige at mcwhirter.com.au
Mon Apr 8 23:20:52 EST 2013

Good evening freedom lovers! TasLUG are seeking nominations for people to
represent us on the TasLUG committee! We've posted this to Linux-Aus to
catch as many eyes as possible.

*Returning Officer:*
We need a volunteer to be our returning officer. This role will need to:

   - Track nominations and acceptances on the TasLUG list.
   - Follow up privately any nominations not responded to on the list
   - Run a public poll[1][2]
   - Publish the results at the Statewide Meeting on May 4th[3]

*The Positions:*
Media Muse
Community Champion (x2)

There's 5 roles to fill in total, so get your nominations rolling in
to the TasLUG
list <taslug at lists.taslug.org.au>.


   - *Nominations:*
      - Open: 09:00 Monday, April 1st
      - Close: 23:59 Sunday, April 14th
   - *Voting:*
   - Opens: 09:00 Monday, April 15th
      - Closes: 23:59 Sunday, April 28th


   - *Committee: *
      - You are on the TasLUG list or
      - You have an account on the TasLUG website
      - Must be a Tasmanian resident
   - *Voting:*
      - You are on the TasLUG list or
      - You have an account on the TasLUG website[4][5]


   1. There's plenty of ways to do this. Pick one that works for you or ask
   the list for suggestions. Preferably available via link only
   2. Email address will be a required field for cross-verification
   3. This can be done remotely or via email on the 4th (preferably in some
   co-ordination with events of the day)
   4. The committee can review and loosen / tighten this in future as seen
   5. No, if you are on both you do not get two votes :-D

Craige McWhirter

*M:* 0415958783
*W:* http://mcwhirter.com.au/
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