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Hi everyone,

Please find below minutes of Council Meeting 28th March 2013,
Please don't hesitate to contact Council if any further information is 

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Council Minutes Thursday 28th March 2013

Present: Mr Joshua 'El Presidente' Hesketh, Mr Hugh Blemings, Mr Clinton 
Roy, Ms Bianca Gibson, Mr Josh Stewart, Ms Kathy Reid

Prior apology: Mr Francois Marier

Meeting opened 1949hrs

1. Confirm accuracy of previous minutes and note any omissions or errata

MOVE that the minutes from 14th March are correct

MOVED by Joshua Hesketh, SECONDED by Clinton Roy, passed unanimously

2. Log of correspondence


    Membership - In the period since last meeting 14th March, there have
    been 10 applications for membership of LA. These have all been
    approved. Membership stands at 2917 according to MemberDB. One
    membership was cancelled at the request of the member, in line with
    constitutional provisions.


    Request for TasLUG to become a Subcommittee of LA by CRAIGE MCWHIRTER

Council noted that at this stage TasLUG won't need a bank account, this 
could be reviewed if required in the future. Council noted that in 
future Subcommittee requests should be subject to public consultation 
via the linux-aus mailing list if appropriate.

MOTION by Kathy Reid that TasLUG formally become a Subcommittee of LA

SECONDED by Joshua Hesketh

Passed unanimously

ACTION: Someone to set up the TasLUG Subcommittee reporting on Drupal 
and work with TasLUG to use MemberDB to hold their elections.


    Request for Video and Streaming Subcommittee of LA by TIM ANSELL

Council discussed a number of issues around the Subcommittee, with the 
intent of ensuring that it is community focussed, helps to build a 
community of expertise and advice for LA events with a focus on 

MOTION that the Video and Streaming Subcommittee is instantiated with 
the following conditions;


    That the activities of the Subcommittee occur on a public mailing
    list under lists.linux.org.au


    That the documentation of the Subcommittee occurs on a publicly
    editable wiki to be supplied by Linux Australia


    That the AV lead for the present year's linux.conf.au event is a
    standing member of the Subcommittee


    That the Subcommittee is open to anyone who wishes to become involved

MOVED by Joshua Hesketh

SECONDED by Josh Stewart

Passed unanimously

3. Review of action items from previous meetings

Action items were reviewed on the Trello board, key ones to follow up were;


    LCA2015 Expressions of interest - with Joshua Hesketh


    LCA2013 details need updating on the linux.org.au site - with Kathy Reid

4. Items for discussion

Code of conduct and terms and conditions

ACTION: Review current code of conduct and terms and conditions

LCA2013 Debrief


    Josh had debrief with Canberra team, went very well


    Michael Still and Joshua will take feedback to 2014



    Ghosts will happen last weekend of April


    ACTION: Kathy to make contact and offer advice and assistance with
    organising action items and tools

PyCon AU


    Registrations are open, and all is on progress

Media subcommittee

ACTION: Joshua Hesketh to add himself to the Media Subcommittee list

Council newsletter

ACTION: Kathy to respond to Brianna to help progress it

Membership process tweaking


5. Items for noting

6. Other business

Wiki space for Geelong bid - make it so, ensure it's as public as possible

ACTION: Kathy to contact web team to make it happen.

Closed at 2038hrs

El Presidente absent for first April meeting, Hugh Acting Presidente.

Two additional items were discussed in camera and cannot be disclosed at 
this time due to privacy and confidentiality.

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

secretary at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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